The project founder Anthony Doud, is a professional pilot, avid cyclist and experienced maker. While travelling and using spin bikes at hotels, he started carrying power meter pedals for the spin bikes to ride Zwift away from the home pain cave, but the experience just wasn't the same without automatic resistance on the hills. Then one day, while looking down at that simple to turn knob he had a thought - With the power meter pedals attached, almost everything is already in place on the $300 spin bike to turn it into the equivalent of a $3,000 computer controlled smart bike! And so here we are....

Our open source team has varied since inception, but  Anthony Doud, Emad Ghazipura, and Nick Bayma have been the steady contributors of the project.

Emad Ghazipura is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in software development and project management and has been instrumental improving the user experience for SmartSpin2k as well as providing kits to the user base who would rather purchase a finished product vs build their own.   

Nick Bayma is a Professional Pilot who has contributed to SmartSpin2k through initial beta testing as well as providing many of the written instructions and web content.